Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, the Big Plan post did not turn out to go the way I had expected.  I awoke at 0530 to my son's school district telling us there would be a two hour delay.  I'm fine with a cancelation, but a delay just messes with routine.  Anyway I didn't get home until 1020 but I still made some calls.

I called four city departments around Boston and I called Boston fire as well.  I had some great conversations and most of the people I spoke with sounded interesting in meeting me if I stopped into headquarters.  I think I'm narrowing it down some!  Boston Fire is definitely out.  They have canceled there last academy class and they may not hire until the next civil service test in two years.  The guy told me this is because of budget setbacks.  As a result firefighters are having to work serious overtime.  They also have an age cap of thirty-two.

I'll write more on this as I narrow the options down.

So I worked the night of the fourth at my job as a one on one at a school for boys with behavioral issues.  Then I finished at 2100 and went home.  My fire department called and asked me to fill in for the night shift.  Of course I didn't sleep the whole night.  We did have an interesting head trauma.  When I got home at 0715 I took my son to school and then hung out with my sister for some of the morning.  By the time I got back my wife was working from home and so I hung out with my daughter until we had to pick up our son.  Then of course we had a sleepover at my sister's house and I didn't go to bed until 0200 this morning... then I worked again tonight.  It is now 2240 and I will be going to bed now or I'll never catch up!

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