Friday, January 15, 2010

Life Likes to Puke All Over My Plans

OK so a little background...
... Almost a year ago I was a cheese maker.  I worked on a small farm in Mass and I processed milk and made cheddar cheese.  I managed the milk room that I worked in.  I learned a lot about the dairy industry and the science behind milk.  Six months ago after my family and I moved off the farm to see what was out there I actually considered going into cheese making.  I met with a local farmer about his dairy but he already had plans and did not need another cheese maker.  So I started down the path that led me to become a career firefighter, another passion of mine.

Well last week I got an email from a friend who told me of a posting for a cheese maker at a beautiful small farm.  They would provide us with health insurance and a farm house to live in on the property.  I had an interview yesterday and it seemed like it went well, we'll see.

SO what of the firefighting?

Short answer is I don't know.  I haven't been offered the job yet so maybe nothing.  I could still get my medic license so nothings over till its over.

Most of the time life offers the unexpected and you have to decide what feels right.  I don't want to stubbornly refuse to accept an opportunity to do something I love.

Well, I'll keep ya posted.  Wish us luck as we make some more big decisions!

One of the barns at the farm where I might make cheese


  1. Hope you'll still write about the ways in which fire/ems intersects with your life -- cheese filled or not. Great blog!

  2. Thank you. As long as I'm in Fire and EMS I will be posting to this site. I just have to figure out the next few steps.


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