Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Big Plan

Ok so its time to get serious now.  I'm working out.  Fine.  But I've got to start advancing this thing.  So here goes:

The Incident Action Plan for operational period 01-04-10 to 01-05-10.

Objective:  stay awake, keep children happy, establish communications with fire dept. resources in Boston metro area.
Strategy: drink caffeinated beverages, provide children with scheduled schooling and play time (emergency episodes of Kipper may be implemented), use internet and telephone to contact department resources.
Tactics: refer to Unified Command (wife and myself) and IAP schedule.

0740 drop son off at bus stop.

0800 drink coffee.

0830 have a little more coffee.

0900 entertain daughter while placing phone calls to fire departments in boston metro area.

1000 go pee (too much coffee).

1005 call Honda dealer to ensure resource functionality (we need a new computer for our car).

1020 check blog to see if anyone is getting this ridiculous command briefing.

1040 call some more.

1100 do some stuff.

1215 contact support branch to set up supply unit for rehab.  (I'll make some sandwiches in the kitchen for lunch)

1330 play with daughter.

1415 pick son up from bus stop.

1445 make dinner (support branch... yadah, yadah, yadah)

1500 go to work.


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